Pictures of Domino the Destroyer
In loving memory
05/17/1986 - 09/29/2001

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Domino hanging out in one of his favorite places.

Domino turned 15 on May 17, 2001.  He came into our household as a kitten in 1986.  His mom was a stray a friend had rescued, already late in her pregnancy.  When this little guy came into the house he immediately became attached to our dog, Bear, and following him everywhere for years.  When we 

lost Bear in 1992 Domino went through several months of depression, and would actually lash out at the other cats in the house whenever they came near him.

In 1994 we moved to North Carolina.  Domino was becoming increasingly unpleasant towards Sheba.  We tried separating and re-introducing, medications, behavior modification, and finally, after two trips to the emergency vet, total separation.  They had to be kept in separate parts of the house for years.

We tried introducing him to Amber when she joined our household in 1996.  We had mixed results and decided to keep them apart too.  Domino was just to big, powerful and quick and we didn't want any of our babies hurt. 

In 1999 the four dogs, Hope, Shannon, Cody and Jake, joined our family.  Domino took to them quickly, but also let them know who was in charge.  He loves to stroll out into the middle of the whole group then suddenly start bossing them around.  The dogs have learned to circle him and he'll usually run off, but they always respect the big boss cat.  On many occasions he's backed a pair of dogs into the corner, then just lays down and stares at them as they do a little dance - apparently just because he can.  The pack structure is quite established with Domino at the top, then the dogs, then the other cats.

When Harley joined us in 2000 Domino accepted him.  We were pretty amazed, and made an effort to re-introduce the big guy to Sheba and Amber, but it clearly was a no go.  Harley needed a playmate and the older cats were friendly but not interested in playing, so we brought in Charm.  This amazing little girl seemed to have a magical touch with Domino and he suddenly was accepting 

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Domino's hidey hole.

to all the cats.  Domino once again has free roam of the entire house, and we've even seen him and Sheba eating out of the same bowl.  

As 2001 rolled around Domino began losing weight.  At first is was slow, then it became pretty dramatic.  He had just had a physical late in 2000 and all was fine, but now his kidneys have started to fail.  We are making sure he's happy and comfortable, and he's getting treatment.  For now we'll cherish each day he's with us.

Domino had a bout with an upper respiratory infection this past week (August 18-24, 2001).  He was pretty ill and we were very concerned.  In his weakened state this type of infection could potentially be fatal, so it was scary.  Fortunately he finally started to show improvement on Saturday (Aug. 25) and has been improving since.  The other fortunate thing is he continued to eat well through the whole thing.  He seems to be past the danger.

Domino lost his fight on Saturday, September 29,2001.  For the last two days he has been the worst ever and we finally had to make the hard decision.  He had become so weak he could hardly use the litter box and clearly didn't feel well at all.  He came to me and sat with a sad look on his face as if to say, "It's time."  There was nothing else we could do for him.  I held him while he was sedated then injected with the solution that would release him from his suffering.  He was gone at 10:43 am.  I will forever miss my "little buddy."

We have donated a cat playpen in his name

The last picture of Domino

to the Durham County Animal Shelter.  This pen provides extra space to give an extra chance for other cats to find a home of their own.