Pictures of Bobtail Bob

Bob came to us by a sudden, and very fortunate, twist of fate.  We were taking pictures for the shelter.  He had been there a while and to our great surprise, had not received any interest.  It turned that because of his bit of growling people thought he was a mean dog, amazing that so few can see through this.  (He was showing the terrier hidden inside - it was that "come and play" growl.)  Bob's right eye had become inflamed and discolored.  We checked on him the next day, and it turned out he was minutes from "the end".  We offered to foster him, and ran to the shelter to pick him up.  What a sweetie.  It turned out that his eye was nothing serious, and was
easily treated.  He was only with us a week before being adopted, but he caught the strings of our hearts.  This is a special dog.  It was hard to let him go, but we know it is to a good home where he'll get lots of love.
Here's a picture we received of Bob at his new home.  It's easy to tell how happy they guy is.  And to think how close he came...  We are so happy for him.
Bob03242001a.JPG (134570 bytes)Bob03242001b.JPG (136877 bytes) Update 03/24/2001 - We heard from Bob's family again.  They had quite a scare a few months back and thought Bob had kidney problems, but all turned out OK.  They also sent some pictures, Bob has grown into quite a handsome fellow.  His family loves him dearly and he's one of the "kids".  It's always good to hear such good news.

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