Beau when we first met him

Beau is a very special guy.  He's apx 4-5 years old with a gentile and easy going personality .  Unfortunately he's also extremely thin.  He currently weighs only about 45 pounds.  We brought him home on 6/19/2000.

Update 06/25/2000 - Beau was badly infested with worms.  He had roundworms, whipworms, and tapeworms.  He was treated for all these and quickly started feeling better.  His mood improved dramatically.  He eats like a champ and is gaining weight.  His ribs no longer stick out and his hip area is filling out.  We've started letting him play with the other dogs.  He's still very thin and tires quickly, so his exercise time is limited.  (He gets along well with the dogs and all the cats in the house.)  Beau also has a very weakly positive heart worm test.  He has been treated to prevent further heartworms, but we are waiting to see how he does over the next month.  If 

necessary he will undergo heartworm treatment.  For now he also has dry, itchy  skin.  This may be because of  poor nutrition or may be some sort of allergy.  He's being treated with anti-itch medication 
for the next two weeks to see if the good diet will take care of the cause of the problem.  He smiles a lot, and shows what a wonderful boy he really is.  He is a joy to have around.

Update 07/25/2000 - Beau has done well.  For many days he did little but sleep and eat.  We had a special orthopedic bed for him to ensure his comfort.  One night (at 4 am) it seemed he suddenly felt better, as if by magic.  He got up, jumped into our bed, snuggled up and went back to sleep.  It was a very emotional moment, and when it happened we knew all the effort to save him was not only paying off, but it was well worth it.  As of 07/14/2000 he was at 61 lbs, quite an improvement from his 45 lb start.  His skin is fine and he doesn't seem to have an itch problem.  What a wonderful guy.  He went to his new home today.  We will miss him dearly, and I'm sure he'll miss us.  It will take him a little time to adjust, but being the only dog and

Beau when we first met him - he weighed only 45 pounds.

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getting lots of attention will make him a very happy dog, and a wonderful home.  I sure wish him and his new owner great happiness together.
Update 08/02/2000 - We heard from Beau's new home today.  Sounds like he's doing quite well.  It took him a few days to adjust, but he's developing an attachment to his new owner.  He's got grandkids to play with and his confidence is growing.  Of course we miss him, but we know we saved him, and also know he has a home where he is dearly loved.  This is the type of placement that makes fostering so rewarding.

Update 01/11/2001 - I went by to visit Beau and his "dad" recently.  Beau recently had a seizure and his dad had called.  He has no history of this problem either at the shelter or when he lived with us, this was very 

Beau at 61 pounds.  Healthy and much happier.

scary.  Fortunately he seems to be doing quite well.  He's clearly very strongly attached to his dad.  He didn't seem to remember me, which was a bit sad for me, but he's very happy and that's what's important.

Beau, happy and healthy

Update 05/29/2001 - Beau had two more seizures as of March and is now on anti-seizure medication.  We do worry about him, but also know he's getting good care.  Since being on the medication he doesn't seem to have had any more seizures.  He's had another problem too: bladder stones.  It was necessary to use a surgically solution.  In addition to one large stone being removed he also passed two smaller stones.  Fortunately his surgical modification seems to have solved his problem for now.

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More pictures of a healthy Beau
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Update 1/13/2008 - We heard from Beau's dad today, they're both are happy and doing well.  Beau is quite the hit everywhere they go.  Such a handsome and happy boy, it's no wonder.  It was great to hear from them and even better to hear they're both so healthy and happy.