Photos of Shannon

February 26, 2010 We lost Shannon at 5:00 pm today.  It came on suddenly with her as it did with Jake, and appears to have been the same type of problem.  She was groaning when she laid down and when I checked she had a badly distended belly so we rushed her to the vet.  At first we thought an obstruction or possibly bloat, but the x-ray gave us the bad news.  Surgery was not a viable option and there was no other possible treatment.  She was going down hill quickly and was in obvious pain so we let her go peacefully while we held her close.  She was always the one we thought would live the longest.  Our hearts are broken once again.
Shannon is a former Shelter dog (and former pet of the week for the animal shelter.)  She is a real charmer, but had been at the shelter for many weeks.  She came to to live with us the day after Hope (see Hope's pictures) and made herself at home right away.  

She is very easy going and has quite a gentle spirit.  She brings a great deal of joy to our family, and is truly a happy girl.  At the shelter 

she was showed a rather suspicious nature.  She was just scared and cautious.  Now that she has a loving home she has blossomed into a friendly and affectionate girl.  I have found that her gentle nature has an uncanny calming effect, and just sitting with her is remarkably therapeutic.  

She has truly brought wonder into our lives.