Photos of Hope

Hope at the Durham Animal Shelter

Hope was the original reason we went to the animal shelter.  She was one of the animals featured on the shelters local access TV show:  We went to see two of the featured dogs from the show and ended up with both.  (See Shannon's pictures.)

Hope came home first.  She had a real confidence problem, but being in a positive environment and getting lots of  love has brought out a friendly, confident, loving dog.  She's been with us since February, 1999, and I can't imagine life without her.  

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Hope has been back to the shelter to play with other dogs which were depressed or have confidence problems.  With her help we have been able to bring dogs out of their depression and help get them adopted into loving homes.  She has not only added much to our lives, she has a magic tough with other 

dogs, and has helped save them too.  

She is a special and wonderful girl.  It's hard to understand why she was at the shelter for so long, but we're sure glad she's part of our family now.