Photos of Hero

Hero was a drop off at the animal shelter.  He was dropped because "we don't want him any more."  This little guy was covered with mange, had an inflamed eye, was mal-nourished, and had clearly been neglected.  In my heart I knew this guy deserved a chance after such a bad start.  These pictures are after he was well on the way to recovery.  He's still a bit scruffy, but his hair has grown back, his eye has cleared up (still being treated) and he's putting on weight and growing normally again.  He's gone from being a scared little puppy in a lot of pain to a happy, friendly, loving, and outgoing little guy.  He's cutting teeth so he's still a little mouthy 

A young Hero, already well on his way to recovery.

and chews on things, but this is normal puppy behavior.  He's an Australian Cattle Dog (surely something else mixed in) and not the least bit aggressive.  He has had little exposure to children but has not had any problems with the children he has met.  He gets along quite well with other dogs and with cats (though he does want to chase any cat that runs.)  He will be an active dog and so will need a fenced yard.  He has definite issues with separation and will need to spend lots of time inside with people.  He also wants to sleep 

Hero as a full grown, happy and healthy dog.

in the bedroom so he knows where his people are located.

Hero was adopted 10/5/2000.  He has a wonderful new home with another dog and cats to play with.  We hear he sleeps on own his special blanket at the foot of the bed and is as happy as can be.  Hero is definitely one of our most beloved foster dogs.  He came into our lives as a sick little puppy and left a happy healthy dog with a wonderfully bright future.  He is full of love and a special kind of joy that's hard to describe. We really miss him, but he's happy and will have a wonderful life.

Update 01/11/2001
I recently came on a picture of Hero, I really miss the guy.  I E-Mailed his family to see how he was doing.  I heard back he's doing well and is quite happy.  He's quite a boy and his family clearly realizes what a wonderful guy he is.  His new sister (an Australian Cattle Dog) is his best friend and they even snuggle up and sleep together at times.