Photos of Cody

Cody came to live with us when we went to the shelter to turn in the spay paperwork for another dog.  We fell for this charming little puppy and it was clear from the start that he was to be a part of our family.  

He had a case of kennel  

cough when we got him (it was going around at the shelter and they were trying to get him out before he got to sick.)  Unfortunately he got a very bad case and we were close to losing him, but with some great care from our vet (Cornwallis Road Animal Hospital) he was nursed through.  We're thankful to the shelter for getting him out quickly and to our vets for the excellent care.  The people at both places have shown many times how much they really care for the animals, and we greatly appreciate them and their efforts.  He's now 
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happy, healthy, spoiled and very loving (and quite the "mama's" boy.)  

He's been a wonderful addition to our family, and he's so extremely cute.  Even though he's now 70 very athletic pounds, he still has that puppy look (and knows how to play it up.)

October 6, 2002 - Cody is a happy boy.  He does his "Cody Dance" when he wants something.  He's definitely a hound dog with that typical hound howl.  He's also the only one that insists on sleeping in the bed at night, and sleeping late in the morning.  For a long time

he would stand next to the bed and wait to be lifted in.  One day he made the mistake of showing me he can easily hop up there himself, so now I make him do his own lifting (he's 70 lbs.)