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All our dogs came from the local animal shelter.  If you are looking for a companion animal (pet) you should consider to your local shelter or contact a rescue group.  I'm one of many who believe these animals understand you saved them, and will love you forever for it.  Many people have been surprised that our dogs came from a shelter.  If you're looking for a dog and you're not sure about the animals you see, talk to the shelter staff, or take someone with you who really understands dogs.

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  mvc-853f.jpg (67563 bytes) BONNIE - a very special rescue
In loving memory
We lost Bonnie on 6/9/2016
We will forever miss our "Little Boo"
codycute.jpg (16879 bytes) CODY (the charmer)
In loving memory
We lost Cody on 7/19/2014. 
He will be forever in our hearts.
  HopeAtPound.jpg (94300 bytes) HOPE (queen dog)
In loving memory
We lost Hope on 9/4/2011
She will be forever in our hearts.
ShannonAtPoundSmall.jpg (22830 bytes) SHANNON (super sweet, our little muppet baby)
In loving memory
We lost Shannon on 2/26/2010.
She will be forever in our hearts.
  babyjake.jpg (28851 bytes) JAKE the ROCKET
In loving memory
We lost Jake on 6/16/2009. 
He will be forever in our hearts.

  OUR EXTENDED FAMILY (foster dogs)  
  MissyMacBuster.jpg (78134 bytes) MISSY, MAC AND BUSTER (foster puppies)
BUSTER (right, now CHESTER) ADOPTED Nov 27, 2000
MAC (middle, now JACK) ADOPTED Dec 12, 2000
MISSY (left) ADOPTED (third time) July 14, 2003
  lucky1.jpg (88328 bytes) LUCKY (foster dog)
ADOPTED January 30, 2001
  Buterfly1.jpg (104957 bytes) BUTTERFLY (our first foster dog)
ADOPTED December 16, 2000
  Hero.jpg (59711 bytes) HERO (foster dog)
ADOPTED October 5, 2000
  hannah.jpg (41937 bytes) HANNAH (foster dog)
ADOPTED August 30, 2000
  Gentleman Jim.jpg (60723 bytes) BEAU (foster dog)
ADOPTED July 25, 2000
  Bob2.jpg (51823 bytes) BOBTAIL BOB (foster dog)
ADOPTED June 8, 2000

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