Missy, Mac and Buster

Missy and Buster were dropped off at the Durham County Animal Shelter as 4 1/2 week old puppies.  Their mom and two other very weak puppies dropped off with them, the owners claimed they couldn't (or didn't want to) care for them.  The mother was rejecting them and killing pups.  The mom was so malnourished, weak, and full of parasites she was not physically able to produce milk.  All the puppies were so full of worms and fleas that they were also malnourished and anemic.  The other two pups and the mom couldn't be saved.  We didn't think Missy would make it either, but we tried.  The pups were washed with flea shampoo multiple times and combed carefully with a flea comb.  They were also treated for the worms (which they passed in large masses.)  Buster took puppy formula like a champ, but Missy wouldn't eat.  She was held and offered food all through the night and finally started eating in the early morning hours.  By the next afternoon she was eating on her own and has been fine ever since.

Mac was dropped off four days later.  We got the call from the shelter and ran to get him.  We're certain he's from the same litter, he had the same problems and had to be treated.  Though not as bad as Missy, he still required careful attention all that first night, but by the next morning he seemed well on his way to good health.

(left to right) Missy Mac and Buster (apx 5 weeks old)

Videos of the puppies (each is apx 1.4 MB)
Video of Missy at 5 weeks doing the "puppy charge"

Video of Hope and Butterfly puppy sitting (puppies apx 8 1/2 weeks)

Video of Hope puppy sitting (puppies apx 8 1/2 weeks)

All three are now happy, healthy, and are very affectionate.  They have even started some basic house training and will come when called (usually).  As of 11/17 they're about 10 weeks old and are ready for their new homes.

Update 12/6/2000:  Buster, the big boy (now Chester) was adopted 11/27/2000.  We always check on our previous fosters, and he's doing fine.  He even went to school for "Live show and tell".  We would like to make one thing very clear, our commitment to any animal we foster is for life.  We will always check on our foster babies and make sure they're OK.  

We let all the adopting families know we will be there if they need anything, or decide for any reason they are unable to keep their new family member.  We want to make it clear we are not  trying to intrude on the relationship between the family and their new pet, but we do want to be sure the relationship is a happy one for all involved.

As it turned out, live show and tell went so well that the teacher called to ask about puppies.  His family adopted Mac (now JACK) on 12/12/2000.  Missy went to her new home on 12/13/2000.  Everyone seems to be doing well.

Missy came back on 12/27/2000.  Apparently one of the kids in the house was allergic to her.  The little girl was happy to see us.  Jack goes to our same vet.  He was in for a checkup and his rabies shot.  The whole family came in with him.  He is well loved and doing great.

Update 03/24/2001 - We heard from Chester's family recently.  He's doing quite well and is a happy and healthy boy.  Sounds like he is doing quite well.  Missy was adopted this week (on 3/29/2001.)  She sure was hard to part with, but she's in a happy home with Butterfly, another foster of ours.  Butterfly was one of her surrogate moms and was very protective of all the pups.  Within a few minutes the two seemed to recognize each other and were happily playing.  We know Butterfly is very happy in her home, and we're sure Missy will fit right in and everyone will be all the happier.

Missy at apx 3 months

Update 05/29/2001 - Jack's  family called was going out of town for a few days at the beginning of the month.  Unfortunately we were also going away that weekend and were unable to have him come visit.  We understand he's doing quite well, but were definitely disappointed we were not able to have him come visit.  Missy and Butterfly's family was also going away one weekend, again we were going away and unable to have them come visit.  (We seldom travel but this was a busy month.)  Hopefully we'll be able to see them all soon.

Update 09/01/2001 - Butterfly and Missy came for a visit a while back.  The two are doing quite well and are as happy as can be.  Shannon was especially happy to have Missy back for a while.

chester09032001a.jpg (68726 bytes)chester09032001b.jpg (58380 bytes)chester09032001c.jpg (59131 bytes)
Photos of Chester and his family 09/03/2001
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Update 09/03/2001 - Chester's family brought him by today.  They are having a birthday celebration for him.  He's clearly very happy and healthy and in a warm and loving home.  We were sure happy to see him.


Update 06/29/2003 - Missy came back on 6/26/2003.  She and Butterfly were having their differences.  We are working on a new home for her.  I sure wish we had space here, she is such a sweetie.  She seemed to remember me after a bit and was very happy to cuddle up in my lap.  I worry about my little darling girl.

Update 07/14/2003 - I understand Missy went to her new home this past weekend.  Unfortunately I don't know anything about the home or where she's gone.  She will always have a special place in my heart.  I hope she does OK, I'll miss my little girl.